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First: Barge with Containers 4 High

12 August 2020

For the first time ever, an exceptional barge carrying containers 4 high (119 TEU) sailed in at Container Terminal Doesburg at the end of July.

Never before have we seen the capacity of a barge of this level come in at our terminal. The Tormenta manoeuvred this heavy cargo with great success to Container Terminal Doesburg where the containers could be unloaded.

With an increase in the number of containers per sailing, more CO2 reduction per container is achieved and we can contribute to reducing the congestion problem on Dutch highways. Thanks to the top collaboration and to our customers.

What Is a Barge?

Container Terminal Doesburg uses barges: lighter and smaller vessels that can be used to transport containers for inland shipping. Indeed, depending on the different inland waterways, not every vessel can go everywhere in terms of draught, manoeuvrability, bridges and aqueducts. Thus, larger container ships cannot reach inland areas properly.

Barges are used for container transport, loading containers at the larger seaports (such as Rotterdam or Antwerp) and then unloading them at a barge terminal such as Container Terminal Doesburg, located on the inland waterway.

Inland barge transport is a sustainable and efficient alternative to increasingly gridlocked (container) road transport.

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