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At Container Terminal Doesburg, we understand that questions can arise around container transport, which is why we are here to help and remove any uncertainties. Our aim is to make the container transport experience as smooth as possible, with the reassurance that support is always available. Search our section for answers to common questions and don’t hesitate to get in touch if a specific question remains unanswered.


For container handling we use the standard container dimensions, such as the 20ft containers 20DV, 20OT, 20HR and 40ft containers 40DV, 40HC, 40OT, 40HR. We also use Flatracks.

We have container transhipment and temporary storage at our location in Doesburg. We can also connect containers to electricity.

Refrigerated transport is transport that is transported in a conditioned manner. In other words, transport of which the cargo is kept at a specific temperature, which is done by means of reefer containers. Go to reefer containers

A reefer container is a container that is suitable for conditioned transport. The container has insulated walls and can be connected to power points to store refrigerated cargo. Go to reefer containers

Container Terminal Doesburg is specialized in the transport of conditioned goods. The terminal currently has 40 professional reefer connections, which can be increased to 50 connections. Transport with Gen-Set generators is possible.

We do many value added logistics (VAL) and serve as a decoupling point for the region. Read more about our logistical solutions

Container Terminal Doesburg does not provide sea container transport. Our transport flows are continental via the rivers and canals, mainly via inland shipping!

Inland Shipping

The sailing time from Doesburg to the port of Rotterdam, and vice versa, is between 12 noon and 2 pm. This sailing time can generally be used, but the actual time depends on the current and the traffic on the waterways.

In the Netherlands, inland shipping is of high importance. As it limits traffic jams and reduces the ecological footprint of both ourselves and our clients. Read more about sustainable container transport

Intermodal transport exists where more than 1 modality is used to transport cargo from a to b. Like a truck combined with a ship. Or a train and a ship. Container Terminal Doesburg is a great supporter of this concept. Read more on the about CTD page

As soon as this is an actuality, it can be found on the blog page of our website.

About the terminal

We have fixed connections from / to Doesburg from / to Antwerp and Rotterdam. These run via the major rivers towards Europe’s largest deep-sea ports. Read more about our strategic location

The container terminal has a 120-meter quay. The total surface of Container Terminal Doesburg is 30,000 m2 . This surface houses one crane, an LNG filling station and space for simultaneously storing 700 TEU.

Of course we have General Terms and Conditions and also use the Fenex conditions. We can also use SLAs on request.

Although the terminal is adjacent to the site of logistics service provider Koninklijke Rotra, Container Terminal Doesburg is completely separate from it. Given the location, we do use Koninklijke Rotra as a strategic partner.

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