Multimodal LNG Filling Station

Container Terminal Doesburg is the first inland terminal in Europe to have its own multimodal LNG filling station.

LNG as Fuel for Road and Water Transport

The station is used for filling bot barges and trucks, making it the 1st in Europe; a novelty. With the commissioning of the station, Container Terminal Doesburg stimulates the sustainable use of the multimodal transport chain with the use of LNG as an alternative, clean fuel. The innovative initiative has been supported by the European Union with a contribution from its TEN-T program. Container Terminal Doesburg believes in LNG as a clean, quiet and safe fuel for the future and aims with its program to stimulate modal shift and to achieve a more sustainable transport.

A Significant, Big and Clean Step Forward

LNG is a clean and quiet alternative to conventional fuels such as diesel for trucks and shipping. LNG is the abbreviation for Liquefied Natural Gas. The combustion of LNG releases fewer harmful substances than diesel: 95% less particulate matter, 90% less nitrogen and sulfur, 15% less CO2 and 50% noise reduction. LNG is stored in a cooled form and, as an alternative fuel, meets the most stringent environmental requirements (EEV) and therefore has no restrictions.

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Co-financed by the European Union

Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T)


Less Carbon Dioxide than Diesel


Less Particulate Matter than Diesel


Quieter than a Diesel Engine
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LNG is a Priority of Our Policy

Container Terminal Doesburg is fully committed to a future with LNG. Read our vision for the future of this alternative fuel.

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